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Free VPN App – Unblock Restricted Website with Ease

Are you planning on visiting China? Want a VPN app that can unblock restricted websites while you are there? If yes, then this free VPN app can be of great use to you. XY VPN – Security Proxy VPN is a handy app that secures your internet connection and lets you gain access to websites and apps that are blocked in your country. It offers you a robust solution for safeguarding your online sessions. You can assume the IP address of any of the many servers provided by the app to bypass the restrictions imposed on accessing certain websites by the government. This will also allow you to anonymously surf the internet, thereby, ensuring that no one would be able to trace your original location.
XY VPN – Security Proxy VPN has a clean user interface and a user-friendly design. Its layout is intuitive, making it easy for you to navigate through its features. The home screen of this free VPN app presents a straightforward ‘Tap to Connect’ button, ensuring a quick and hassle-free start to secure browsing. You won’t even have to choose a server as the app will pick the fastest available one for you. However, do keep in mind that the VPN won’t stay active forever. It will automatically deactivate after a set duration. The good news is that you can extend this duration and add more minutes for free just by watching video ads. You can choose to stop the VPN at any time you want by clicking the ‘Tap to Stop’ button.
This free VPN app has an extensive network of servers, distributed strategically across different regions. There are a variety of server locations to choose from. You can pull up the list of servers by clicking the yellow button located at the top-left corner of the screen. This streamlined server list allows you to connect effortlessly to your preferred location. An added convenience is the smart connect functionality that automatically connects you to the fastest servers located closest to you. This not only enhances speed but also allows you to access geo-restricted content with ease. There are dedicated servers available for gaming as well as video & music too. The app's ability to maintain fast and reliable connections contributes significantly to its overall appeal.
XY VPN – Security Proxy VPN consistently provides stable connections with minimal latency. Streaming high-definition content, gaming, and large file downloads all run smoothly without noticeable interruptions. The core function of this free VPN app is to secure your online activities, and XY VPN takes this responsibility seriously. It employs robust encryption protocols, including industry-standard AES-256, to safeguard data transmitted over the network. The app further distinguishes itself with its strict no-logs policy, assuring you that your online activities are not recorded or stored. This commitment to privacy aligns with the fundamental principles of VPN usage, fostering trust among users concerned about data security. XY VPN lets you choose the apps that get VPN protection via its Custom mode. Its Global mode offers VPN protection to all the apps on the device.


  • Clean user interface
  • User-friendly design and intuitive layout
  • Lots of server locations to choose from
  • Unblock restricted websites with ease
  • Smart Connect feature to connect to fastest server
  • Dedicated servers available for gaming and music & video
  • Robust safety features to protect your privacy


XY VPN – Security Proxy VPN is an app for people who are looking for a way to unblock banned websites and apps. It allows you to hide your device’s IP address and lets you bypass internet restrictions by connecting to a server in another country. You won’t have any issues accessing blocked content when using this free VPN app.

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